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_MG_2926-SHTwo Hands Clapping is a culture blog, concentrating mostly on Norwegian and Scandinavian culture. All the blog text are written by me, Kristin Valla, a Norwegian culture journalist who for the past five years was the editor of K magazine, the culture magazine of Aftenposten. In 2016 I left the paper to start my own media company Andersen & Valla with my friend and colleague Hélène Andersen, who I met while we both worked for the Norwegian fashion magazine Costume. I also realized that I needed an outlet to write about culture, fashion and other tings that interest me. That´s when I decided to start this blog, which is a culture diary of both my work and things that interest me personally.

_MG_5374Our firm Andersen & Valla does consulting for the cultural industry, organize conferences and events and produces magazines and articles for both editorial and commercial use. I also host debates and give talks on culture and media around the country, while Hélène also produces fashion and beauty stories for magazines. We collaborate with several other small firms as well as a great team of photographers, designers, stylists and writers.

Would you like to hear more? Send us an e-mail at hello@andersenvalla.com .

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Kristin & Hélène