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A small museum by a grand architect

Swiss architect Peter Zumthor has designed a brand new museum to commemorate the short, but important history of the zinc mines outside Sauda in Norway.

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– I want my music to be uplifting

As Norwegian artist Frøder awaits the release of her first album she plays the main stage at Øyafestivalen.

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At home with Nikolai Astrup

Several major exhibitions of Nikolai Astrup’s work have made people travel to western Norway to visit the farm where he lived and painted the last 15 years of his life.

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My new favourite hotel

Karen Blixen has stayed here. Kaiser Wilhelm, Queen Sonja of Norway and Coco Chanel as well. Hotel Union Øye reminds us what it really means to travel in style.

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Sleep in an art project on one of Norway’s southernmost islands

On the island of Hidra you can stay in a tiny cabin and wake up to a grand view.

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How Picasso learned to draw

A selection of childhood drawings by Picasso at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art gives us a rare glimpse into the early years of Pablo Picasso.

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Norwegian art in an Italian palace

If you’re on holiday in northern Italy in the summer you have a unique opportunity to experience some of Norway’s most exciting young artists in a unique environment.

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Rythm and teenage blues

British artist Låpsley played one of her first concerts at Øya-festivalen in Oslo. This year she’s coming back to Scandinavia with a lot more confidence.

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Why is it so hard to love another human being?

Norwegian film director Aasne Vaa Greibrokks first full length feature tackles one of life’s great questions.

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Wagner’s Ring Cykle in just 80 minutes

When opera veterans Hege Høisæter and and Magne Fremmerlid give their final performance at The Norwegian Opera this week, it’s with a 80 minute version of Wagner’s massive work The Ring of The Nibelung

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